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What are causes of Procrastination and how to overcome Procrastination


Lets face it, if you are likely reading this article to avoid some other task you are procrastinating to learn how to stop procrastination.

Procrastination is more than putting off tasks; its fear of action.

Why does everyone procrastinate:

According to recent research and study,

1) 75% of college students call themselves as procrastinators and it gotten worse over the time

2)5% of people consider themselves as chronic procrastinators and now it is 20%.

The internet is the big factor you know how it is u got to paper to write or videos to watch.

There is a human tendency to over or under estimate the reward based on temporal proximity. It is often referred to as temporal discounting.

For example: If I offer Rs.1000 today and Rs.1000+Rs.100 in 1month, most of you take Rs.1000 and run. What if, if I offer you Rs.1000 in 1 year or Rs.1000+Rs.100 in a 1year + 1month.  Suddenly you can think if I wait a year and I can wait for extra month, but the time and value difference or exact same in each example?

If we have lot if time to do something we see it as less important until it becomes more imminent and gets into panic mode we all knew as we hate this.

It turns out that human motivation highly influenced by imminent reward. The further away the reward is the more is discount is valued.

Being on social sites is more rewarding than a perfect score on your exams. Temporal proximity increases the value of exam and you cram all night.

On top of this every time something enjoyable happens you get a dose of dopamine which modifies the neurons in your brain making you more likely to repeat the behavior, the problem is video games, browsing internet will provide the small, quick and continuous reward unlike an term essay which is onetime reward.

How to beat Procrastination

So how do you overcome the intrinsic urge to put off so many tasks. Unfortunately there is no one particular solution. Have faith in yourself, live in the present  and set realistic goals you can successfully achieve.

Reward Yourself:

Create a  reward system to celebrate successful tasks in intervals with snacks or internet or other enjoyable activities.. Similarly arrange small punishments for failures. It helps positively reinforces effort and progress. It provides incentive and drive to achieve. Try rewarding yourself

THE PROMODORO TECHNIQUE: Work for 25 mins and get a reward with 5 mins break then start the working clock again. It will increase the amount of time you put in and will improve high level executive functioning.


Acknowledge your procrastination. Its been showed that self imposed deadlines is effective way being even more effective also try and enjoy the process of achieving instead of thinking 20 mins of torture try thinking I am doing something great and I enjoy being productive.

Make your WHY clear:

To the same token make a list of the reasons you want to complete the goal. Reinforcing that you want to do it minimizes in decision.

Commitment to Assignments:

List tasks that you are confident you will complete. Make a point of crossing each task off. Rebuilds faith in your own abilities. Commits to making good on promises.

Change your environment:

If you get distracted easily change your environment. Choose where you work and with who, wisely. Don’t work in places filled with distractions. It helps focus on the immediate task. Removes obstacles in working.

Schedule wisely:

Develop a flexible schedule that only includes important  tasks. Keep plenty of time for extra curricular activities. Rigid schedule can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It helps in being greater happiness for the work done.

Create obstacles:

List all possible obstacles for completing assignments. Plan countermeasures, e.g., whenever I look at facebook , I go for a small break. It mentally prepares you advance. It effectively counters procrastination.


Often times procrastination is symptom not a cause properly motivated can get you out of procrastination.

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