Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis : Key points to analyse competitors for Digital Marketing

As web use continues to grow, more and more online channels are standing out to businesses as new opportunities for customer acquisition. They offer lots of promise and potential, but the market is flooded and it can be hard stand out from your competition. A simple competitive analysis goes a long way to demonstrating exactly where a particular brand can beat the competition, but many business owners simply don’t know where to start. With that in mind, we’ve decided to publish the online marketing competitive analysis checklist that we use when weighing up campaign strategy for clients – along with the tools we use to make these assessments: Key Components of an Online Marketing Competitive Analysis Choose three competitors, and assess each of the below marketing channels for the competit...

How to Start Digital Marketing for New Website?

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing means Marketing your Business Digitally through Internet, Websites,Social Media, Mobile Apps, Emails, etc.. Now-a-Days “Digital Marketing” is Trending in GOOGLE TRENDS For Online Business Promotions, Digital Marketing Consists of some important modules as follows Search Engine Optimization – SEO Search Engine Marketing – SEM Social Media Optimization – SMO Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC Content Marketing Email Marketing Mobile Marketing Affiliate Marketing First Start Digital Marketing with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) module For any type of business, website is the first requirement.Always build your website with Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design. After completion of web designing test your website wi...

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