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Startup revolution and the kind of a startup one should not be part of at early 20’s

startup revolution

Startup revolution hit the cards, people started quitting IT jobs I mean all the TCS, Infosys ,Wipro in the name of “PASSION” and ended up landing in a 4 people startup, then they start boosting and tell you stories about how bad the IT was and they will make you believe how they are gonna be next WhatsApp (ironic) but yeah I was reading a lot about its strategy so the comparison.

Other hand : Sad truth startups are going through rough patch that kind of reality nobody tells you and I learnt after quitting my 4th job, last two companies I was lasted one month each. I had to quit not because I hated the job but because you need some money for your basic needs at the age of 22 you don’t wanna really be reliable on parents.

So what’s happening in and around startups, People are coming with ideas, they think someone out there is going to fund them and for most of the startups that’s the objective and guys believe me if you wanna learn this kind of startup is not the place for you. You may ask me what have I got to do with its vision as long as I get to do what I wanted ? well, everything rolls back to company’s objective, if it’s to just get investment , you do all the wrong things to boost up sales and you will never know in that process what you left behind, it could be as important as bettering the product even before selling it out. Don’t agree? Ok, let me try it this way.

You have a product and you don’t know how good it is but all you know is it won’t kill and it’s something people need and market won’t be that tough also because there are always certain percentage of customers who would try it, so you just jump scaling up sales never think about what will happen after that ? and that’s what one should think and the Startup with the vision to gain the investor money will never guide you right. And you might even ask me why should I know it?

Well, your objective is to learn, your on the path which is less taken, your taking risk you know after every 30 days you might not receive salary cheques, nothing is certain here, one day you woke up and you wouldn’t even have a work place . All these sacrifices for what? Just to learn how to sell? Absolutely no!!

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