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    Sometimes you may need to call Unix commands/call unix scripts from SQR, in that case CALL SYSTEM command comes in handy.
    Below is the syntax of CALL SYSTEM command-


    CALL SYSTEM USING command status [WAIT|NOWAIT]

    SYSTEM– Specifies that this CALL command issues an operating system command.
    command – Specifies the operating system command to execute. The command can be a quoted string, string variable, or column.
    status;- Contains the status returned by the operating system. The status must be a numeric variable. The value returned in status is system-dependent as follows:UNIX/Linux: Zero (0) indicates success. Any other value is the system error code.PC/ Microsoft Windows: A value less than 32 indicates an error.
    WAIT|NOWAIT – (Microsoft Windows only): WAIT specifies that SQR suspend its execution until the CALL SYSTEM command has finished processing. NOWAIT specifies that SQR start the CALL SYSTEM command but continue its own processing while that command is in progress.
    For Microsoft Windows, the default is NOWAIT. On UNIX\Linux operating systems the behavior is always WAIT.


    Below is sample code to run COPY command from SQR using CALL SYSTEM.

    let $cmd = 'cp /home/directory1/test.csv /home/directory2/test.csv'
    display $cmd
       CALL SYSTEM USING $cmd #call_status WAIT
     evaluate #call_status
       when = 0
              display 'Valid connection'
       when = 1
              display 'ERROR: Connection cannot be made to SF'         
       when = 2
              display 'Valid Log File'
       when = 3
              display 'ERROR: Log file does not exist for file transfer'         
       when = 4
              display 'File'
       when = 5
              display 'file does not exist for file transfer'         
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