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Basic steps to setup Domain and Hosting for website

Basic steps to setup Domain and Hosting for website

Internet- the revolutionary concept, it is made up of the collection of WEBSITES. It’s good to have a basic knowledge about creating the website in this internet generation.

The problem with the internet is that it gives you everything-reliable material and crazy material. So the problem becomes, how do you discriminate? -Umberto Eco

To get your website online, you will need two things:

  1. A domain name (a web address like yourwebsitename.com)
  2. Hosting (a service that connects your site to the internet)
  1. What is Domain name– the part of a network address that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain. A domain or domain name is the location of a website. For example, the domain name “surfersclick.com” points to the IP address “”, but it is generally easier to remember a name rather than a long string of numbers. A domain name can be a maximum of 63 characters with one character minimum.
  2. What is Hosting – It store (a website or other data) on a server or other computer so that it can be accessed over the Internet.

Below are the simple and easy steps to create your website.

Step 1: Choose a domain
Step 2: Get a hosting from good hosting provider
Step 3: Map the Domain and Host by changing the nameservers
Step 4: Upload your web pages

Step 1: Choose a domain

  1. Go to domain service provider like GODADDY.COM , BIGROCK.COM etc…
  2. Choose a name for your website with any of the extensions  like (.COM, .NET, .IN, etc..)
  3. Sign up for the site and register that domain

Step 2: Get a hosting from good hosting provider

  1. Go to Hosting service provider like HostGator.com, Bluehost.com etc…You can check out Top hosting service providers here.
  2. Choose a hosting plan that’s right for you.
  3. Sign up and add your domain.

Step 3: Map the Domain and Host by changing the nameservers

Now it’s time for your domain and host to connect.

  1. Go back to domain service where you bought the domain name
  2. Go to your domains
  3. Click Modify for your new domain
  4. Select the “Custom DNS” button
  5. Paste the nameserver address in there . You will get this nameserver details to email when you register with the hosting service or you will get it from their website. For example, hostgator name servers looks like – ns1.hostgator.com.(check out below video)
  6. Do this for all the nameservers listed (there should be 2-4)
  7. Save changes and exit.
  8. Now the both servers might sync with each other immediately, or it might take up to 48 hours to reflect the changes.


Step 4: Upload your web pages

  1. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with some important information: your username, password, Cpanel login page, FTP logins, and nameservers. Save this details in safe place as you will be referencing for them to connect to your servers every time.
  2. Go to the Control Panel URL (http://yourwebsitename/cpanel) and login. If you don’t find CPanel login page in this link, you can find this in your hosting provider website.
  3. Click on the File Manager. Navigate to public_html folder- this is the place where all your web pages(like HTML/PHP pages) needs to be uploaded.
  4. Upload all your website related folder and HTML pages.
  5. Congratulations – your website is online now! Check out your website from your favorite browser.

If you are not familiar with Web/HTML pages, you can setup using any website building platform(open source content management system) like WORDPRESS,DRUPAL,JOOMLA etc. WordPress is best and most popular platform to build site. Check out this link to know how to use and install WordPress for your website.

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