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Top 10 Useful Websites a Working Professionals should know for Productivity/Organisation

10 Useful Websites a Working Professionals should know for ProductivityOrganisation

With the span of the web being what is today, you can make sure that there is some site, administration, or apparatus that can tackle whatever issue it is that you’re confronting. Among the billion or more sites online right now, there are numerous that are particularly valuable for working experts.

Along these lines, look at the 10 most valuable sites for working experts; there are definitely a couple of here that will win a place on your bookmarks bar.

1.Dashlane :

Dashlane is a password generator and ‘vault’ that enables you to manage your passwords easily. It creates secure passwords, stores them on your device, and automatically enters them in each website when the need arises.



Evernote allows users to create to-do lists and reminders, and save notes, documents, and pictures on an online platform accessible through any device.



Described by its creators as a ‘notebook for lists’, Workflowy allows users to create detailed to-do lists, jot down tasks, plan their work, and more by using nested, easy-to-follow bullet points.


4.Unroll Me:

Unroll.me is a web service that shows you all the subscriptions associated with your email address and allows you to unsubscribe from the ones you don’t want with a single click.



Trello allows users to create to-do lists, organize tasks, and track developments in collaboration with other individuals or teams.


6.Rescue Time:

RescueTime is a stellar time-management app that monitors your web activity and shows you how much time you’re spending on websites and apps (it works on mobile too).



An acronym for ‘If This Then That’, this free web service allows users to create chains of simple conditional actions called applets. You can link virtually every service connected to the Internet — Wikipedia, Twitter, Pocket, Instagram, Google, and more — to drive condition-based actions across your devices.


The best ‘read it later’ service currently available, Pocket allows users to save articles, videos, and more for easy access later. The saved content can then be read online or offline from the app across any device.


My Permissions is a web service that shows you every app that has access to your social media accounts, categorizing them according to risk, and allows you to withdraw permission with a single click.5mypermission


Pushbullet eliminates the disconnect between your smartphone and computer by creating an ecosystem that allows you to view phone notifications on your desktop, share files and send links between devices, and even send text messages from your computer (only for Android).10push

Inspiration: YourStory.com


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